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Nowadays YouTube becomes the most entertainment platform where you can get all types of information even You can learn anything from YouTube. The biggest question in our mind is how to download important videos from YouTube? we are going to discuss how to download videos from youtube and which tools are used for youtube video download. First of all, under the YouTube Privacy policy, anybody can’t download any content from YouTube. But in the YouTube app version, you can save the video and later you can see that video offline.

How to download any movie or video from YouTube?

In this internet world, nothing is impossible! You can download any movie or video from the following procedure:

Online Youtube Video Converter:

Most of the online platform allows to converting youtube videos to normal mp4 format and even you can convert the youtube videos to mp3 song easily. which helps to allow converting from youtube videos to mp4 format.

Replacing the YouTube URL:

  • Select and copy your YouTube URL (like from the search bar of your browser.
  • Open a new tab in your browser and paste the URL. Please Don’t hit enter.
  • Type ‘ss’ before the (like and hit the enter.
  • You will be redirected to the trusted YouTube downloader website. You can download the movie and video in your preferred format.

Online youtube downloader

Online YouTube downloader:

  • Search on the google YouTube Video Downloader you will find the many websites where you can download the video.
  • Select and copy the youtube URL which you want to download (like from the search bar of your browser.
  • Download your Video from that website.

download youtube videos in mobile

[Note: Most of that website uses too many advertisements most of the time you can get trouble to download and auto-installing the malicious file from that advertisement. Be serious before entering that URL]

YouTube downloading software:

Nowadays you get many YouTube downloading software we are discussing the most popular two software and one software for mobile.

For Desktop Users:

Internet Download Manager:

The Internet download manager is formally known for the youtube downloading master. Using IDM not only download videos from youtube but also you download any video from any browser.

YTD  Video Downloader:

This is the other most trusted software for windows to download the videos from YouTube. You can even download only audio form this software. It can convert your video file in a different format which is built-in functionality of this software.

YTD video downloader

There is more tool like 4K downloader, YouTube Downloader before installing any kind of software kindly check the rating or user review and you can get an overall idea of that particular software.

For mobile Version:

In the case of mobile, it is more difficult to download the video from YouTube due to the YouTube app. You have to download the third-party application to download the video. We prefer only a trusted YouTube video downloading tool. You can download videos from youtube.


Snaptube is more downloadable software for the android. It is a simple tool to download any video from YouTube in an easy, fast and convenient way. You can get this software from the Google Play store. Snaptube allows downloading the video directly from youtube. You will get the highest resolution of any video and you can convert it into your preferred size.

How to download movies in mobile application

After reading this article I hope you can get an idea of how to downloads from youtube. If you want to share your best software you can comment down below we will compare all the software and will tell you what is the best downloading software.

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