Tor is a Free browser that helps to visit any website anonymously and it works as an anonymous communication. The original project name of this Tor is ‘The Onion Router’.  Tor browser works as a Best Free VPN in UK and globally where it can hide your web identity. This Tor browser comes with .onion extension like all the normal website comes with .com, .in, .co domain but tor browser comes with .onion extension. The important part of this .onion extension is that it works only tor browser. You can’t access that URL in a normal browser like google chrome, firefox, etc.

How Tor browser works as a VPN?

Tor browser is platform-independent like it works all the operating system Windows, Mac Os, Linux. The Tor browser works in masking or hiding procedure. Suppose your ISP provides you an IP address like when you visit any website it shows your IP where it can show your location and activity easily.

How VPN Works
Illustrator of How VPN Works

But in the Tor browser your current IP address changes to using different layer IP masking which is kind of impossible to detect your original activity in the web. In Tor Browser it automatically changes your IP address in every moment and protects you. For this reason, all the hackers use Tor browser to hide their activity.

How tor browser free vpn works
Diagram of Working of Tor Browser

How to download the Tor Bowser?

Tor Browser is free and open-source software for all the operating systems. Here you can download directly from the given link-




Here is the installation guide for Tor browser in Windows:


Why hacker use Tor browser like a Free VPN?

Tor browser to access the dark web in the internet. Dark web is known for hosting of world’s illegal market which is not indexes in Google, Yahoo or normal web visitor can’t find their URL directly. So using tor browser hacker can access that kind of website.

Another importance of using Tor Browser is that is too tough to detect to original IP address of that user due to unlimited masking of IP addresses.

Difference between Tor browser and VPN:

This is the most commonly asked question Is tor browser works as a VPN? VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network which also allow to masking your identity to the destination server. But in VPN your physical IP address store to the Cheap VPN Provider but in Tor browser it does not store your IP address.

Another difference between VPN and Tor browser is that VPN can mask your IP and shows their masking IP to the destination server. But in TOR browser it makes many sub IP which mask every time so the IP addresses change every-time of Tor browser.

Is tor browser Legal?

So well there is no legal information about using the TOR browser. It will not be taken any legal action until you access the illegal website and illegal works. But after all TOR browser is safe to use as an anonymous user.

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