Best free VPN tools and How to download

Virtual Private Network is basically known as a VPN. Free VPN is one kind of service that provide you to access the web privately and safely. Basically, all the web running their protocols and unique identity which is basically known as IP. When you browse the internet, your ISP makes the gateway via your device IP address. VPN can only hide the online action by routing your gateways.

What is a VPN?

VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network. Before knowing about VPN, you have known about Network and How it works. First of all, Using Network accessibility everything is readable from your device which is not available into your local device via IP (Internet Protocol). Every IP contains their network names and unique identification which are provided by the network operator.

How free vpn works

Suppose if you browse something illegal, that website can trace your IP address and reach to you.

How VPN Works:

When any user can directly access the website without using the VPN, they are not hidden on the web. Their action is easily accessible. VPN works as a middle man between the source server and the destination server. VPN is basically a Software which encrypts your browsing data from your service provider and reaches your destination with anonymously.

Without a VPN, you can be easily tracked by website owners through your IP.  But using VPN your IP address will be masked and it will not visible your original IP address which might safe sometimes.

VPN creates an encryption data of your sharing file and this encryption is happened by that VPN software.

How to use Free VPN?

  • A VPN can hide your IP location, It is the big opportunity to access the normal inaccessible website.
  • You can get visit those websites which are blocked in different countries.
  • Your IP address is not easily visible to the destination Server.

Few Common questions regarding VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Is VPN trackable?

There are Many Best VPN Services are available in the market. All the VPN Service provider has its own encryption key which can be detected only their server. Suppose you are accessing the illegal website using the VPN. VPN provides the anonymous gateway to view that content but if you go through the backside of that chain system you will be detected easily because your VPN already keeps your IP from your ISP.  So, think before using the Best VPN.

How to Get Best Free VPN?

Actually, VPN Service is provided some software companies. You can get a VPN in a free and paid version both. In initially I recommended using a FREE VPN. But if you are working on a serious project I am recommending the paid VPN which can give you the privacy of your Data. In the free version, there is no guarantee of getting the Security.

Tor Browser is the known Free VPN Service Provider. Most of People use the Tor browser to browse anonymously.

So, well you can get a free version of VPN from the local internet website. If you search manually you can get the free VPN and even you can get the extension of every browser.

 Is Free VPN legal?

So, well! The important question comes that is VPN legal in India. Let see the websites which are blocked by the Telecom Provider, you don’t have to permission to visit the website. Generally, hackers are doing their activity through VPN only. But using the VPN there is no such warning that will be given. So, you can use the VPN where you want to visit.

Thank you for reading this article I hope you understand VPN if you face any problem and if you found any interesting information related to this topic comment down below.

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